About Us

Little Feet Kids Clothing is a small family run business that was born in the living room during lock down 1.0 2020. Our children's boutique offers a wide variety of baby and children clothing. We are passionate about selling quality and trendy kids clothing at an affordable price. 

Our aim is to be your main and only choice when it comes to quality and trendy kids clothing for your little angel without breaking the bank of Mum and Dad. All our children's boutique clothing is hand picked and carefully inspected for quality. 

Online shopping for children's boutique clothing has become the easiest way of getting what you need it the comfort of your own home. Long gone are the days of packing all the baby bags and all the essentials and getting your kids in the car or on the bus. A shopping trip like that could turn into hours and at the end of it the kids are cranky and you are exhausted. Not the best experience... Shopping online not only saves you time and energy but also gives you an access to the market of the entire world! You can literally access every corner of the earth on your laptop or smartphone from the comfort of your own sofa. 

We all know that twenty four hours is sometimes not enough in the day and this is why online clothes shopping for kids is so convenient. Our children's boutique is open 24/7, so you can do your shopping whenever it suits you! So next time when you think "baby store near me?" think trendy baby clothes online at Little Feet Kids Clothing. We are here to suit your needs...

Online shopping for children wear is not only a fantastic way to save your time but it is also a great way to save money! When you have access to children's boutique online you have access to many discounts and sales in an instant! And let's talk about all the crowds and ques in the shops (that's pre Covid of course)! So lets say you have finally found everything that you wanted, you head to the till and there is a mass of people patiently waiting in line to do exactly what you were intending to do... These days are behind you when you shop online. Not only you have access to bigger variety of children clothing but also in literally few clicks you are be able to finalize your whole shopping trip.

Your main worry could be that the clothes will not fit but the matter of the fact is that most kids have standard body shape, so when you buy clothes you can be sure that they will fit but if for any reason there are any issues we are happy to accept returns. We understand that sometimes there can be certain issues with the goods once they are received. We are happy to offer you a full refund or exchange if you are not entirely satisfied with your items.

Online shopping for children's boutique clothing has so many advantages and given the circumstances of what is going on in the world with shops and businesses being closed due to lock down, this might be the only way of getting what you need or like for your little star. We hope you will enjoy this new and exciting experience and we also hope that you love all the items you purchase as much as we love them.